Good Causes

Help poor through us

We are dedicated to building an environment where no one should sleep hungry, no one lacks basic education and no one dies due to lack of medical facilities.

We are stronger together

Thousands of people lose their life because of hunger and non availability of medical facilities. The good news is this is a problem we can solve if we work together. We promise to respect you and your decisions.

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Make a donation

Your support helps connect the worlds most vulnerable people with opportunities to lift themselves out of unimaginable hardships.

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How we work

our platform works in a way where individuals can share their requirement with us about their need for medical assistance. We display the requirement on our portal so that donators can approach the seeker; along with it we add funds to every donation from our own pool of funds. One can choose to donate…either for medical, food, education, clothes, household, events, and emergencies or for any disaster.

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About Us

A Dream in their Mind is Our Mission

We as an organisation look forward to helping those who are in need of their life and their well being. We are dedicated to put ourselves first for the happiness of every being and what we believe is how happiness comes? it comes first with the emotional, physical and financial well being.

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Our Fundraise Plans

Supporting with time, talent, generosity and strength to battle life threatening medical conditions or hunger to bring burst of happiness that can make difference.


Education For Children

We aim to improve access of quality education to children living in rural and urban extreme poverty, making them capable for future to sustain on their own and give back to the world.


Food for the hungry

The world is hungry but the emptiness goes far beyong the table . We aim to maximize our reach and feed those who are helpless to sleep hungry.


Free Medical Services

All people effected by ill health, or having reccuring medical problems, should be able to access healthcare. Our project supports to get the help they need to stay as physically and mentally healthy possible.

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Our Founders


Ms Sonali Kapoor

Sonali is the founder of Geeta foundation and has started to work extensively in Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh as well as she look forward to take her work to every part of country. An engineering graduate born in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 1995 Sonali brings to the table an instinctive empathy and connect with people. Her innocence and generous heart makes her special in her own way where she always first thinks of others who are in need. She aims to change and inspire people the way we donate or give in India. She always says: Those who are happiest are those who do most for others…


Nishant Thakur

During the great pandemic of 2020 Nishant (co- founder) started Geeta foundation with Sonali Kapoor. Nishant focuses on serving the people and on foundational values of the foundation along with developing strategies to achieve organizational goals. As a backbone of the foundation Nishant works closely with Sonali and team of volunteers to build a powerful pan India network. He feels so inspiring to work with youth to encourage them and transform their ideas about giving. He also takes care of process management, quality and training. He believes in adding value to life by doing something meaningful rather than just working for money. He believes what Steve Maraboli has said: A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.